Lois Kolkhorst

State Representative Lois W. Kolkhorst is a member of the Texas House of Representatives, serving House District 13, which includes Austin, Grimes, Walker, and Washington Counties. 

Representative Kolkhorst has gained accolades for a broad legislative agenda with significant statewide impact. Kolkhorst has authored and sponsored a long list of bills, tackling issues as varied as criminal justice and prison reforms, education funding, agriculture policies, consumer rights issues, economic development, community housing issues, as well as domestic violence legislation. As a staunch supporter of private property rights, Kolkhorst has gained national attention for questioning the proposed Trans-Texas Corridor system of privatized super-highways. She has also passed legislation to address the costs incurred by illegal immigration. 

A native of Brenham and Washington County, she is a 1988 graduate of Texas Christian University, where she received a BS in Advertising and Public Relations.  An accomplished golfer, Kolkhorst served as a four-year letter winner for the TCU Lady Frog Golf Team and was also named to the Academic All-Southwest Conference Team. Besides the occasional golf game, she enjoys hunting and fishing with her husband, Jim Kolkhorst. They have two children, Lois Kate and Jake. The family lives in Brenham, while they own and operate Kolkhorst Petroleum based in the nearby city of Navasota.

Conservative Bills for Lois Kolkhorst

HB 2746 - Pledge with Texans Bill

HB 2746 proposes creating a School of Ethics, Western Civilization, and American Traditions (SEWCAT) at the University of Texas at Austin.  Its purpose is to foster an understanding of the intellectual origins and traditions of our government and society.


Check the status of the bill on the Texas Legislature Online website.

Lois Kolkhorst

HB 2504, authored and passed by Rep. Lois Kolkhorst in 2009, created an important transparency reform for higher education institutions.  Public colleges are now required to offer a syllabus of each class offered along with associated costs.  As a result, families can make a more informed choice about course registration.


SB 7 - Health Care Compact

SB 7, a comprehensive health care efficiency and cost-saving bill, formally requests an interstate health care compact to restore state responsibility and authority over health care, without heavy-handed federal mandates. 

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