Myra Crownover

State Representative Myra Crownover  was elected to the Texas House of Representatives to represent the citizens of District 64.  In her tenure, Representative Crownover has received the "Freedom and Family" award and has been ranked one of the "Texas Top Ten" for her conservative voting record. Representative Crownover has been recognized several times over for her pro-conservative, pro-business stance on issues affecting both the Denton area as well as the State of Texas.

Myra Crownover was raised in Colorado City, Texas, where she graduated from Colorado High School. Representative Crownover began her career as a public school teacher, and is currently co-owner of Robinson Drilling Company, president of Crownover, Inc., a director of Northstar Bank, and has business interests in real estate and ranching.

Conservative Bills for Myra Crownover

Myra Crownover

Health Savings Accounts allow individuals to act as consumers, giving them greater control over their health care and allowing them to limit costs.  Rep. Crownover has authored legislation which would give state employees the option to open a Health Savings Account, providing a cost savings to the state and more choice for the state employee.

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