Tom Craddick

When State Representative Tom Craddick was 25 years old, he decided to seek office in the Texas House of Representatives as a Republican from his hometown of Midland. At the time, Texas was a one-party state, and many, incuding his father, thought him foolhardy. But Craddick proved his father and many others wrong, and was elected as one of only nine Republicans in the 150-seat House. 

His tenure has been characterized by landmark events. His initial years at the Capitol were focused on revitalizing the Texas GOP, but in 1971 he gained respect from both sides when he joined a bipartisan group of reformists dubbed "The Dirty 30" that was pushing for changes in House Ethics. On January 11, 2003 he made state history when, subsequent to his 34-year tenure in the Texas House of Representatives, he became the first Republican Speaker-after helping gain the Republican Majority in the House-for the first time in more than 130 years.  Craddick served as speaker from January 2003 - January 2009. During that time, Texas went from a $10 billion budget shortfall to a $10 billion budget surplus. The legislature passed landmark tort reform which reduced frivolous lawsuits and reversed skyrocketing medical liability insurance costs, resulting in more doctors moving to Texas and expanding access to care. The legislature also passed the largest property tax cut in Texas history under Speaker Craddick's watch, and reformed a school finance system that had been ruled unconstitutional by the Texas Supreme Court. 

Craddick holds both a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from Texas Tech University. Craddick married the former Nadine Nayfa, a native of Sweetwater, in 1969. They have two children, Christi and Thomas Russell, Jr. and two grandchildren Tripp and Claire.

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Tom Craddick

Under the leadership of Speaker Tom Craddick, the Texas Legislature was able to balance a deficit of $7.4 billion without raising taxes.  Speaker Craddick's leadership helped move Texas away from the path of perennially increasing spending while ensuring that the state was able to fulfill its core responsibilites to citizens.


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