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TCC in Action

  • Conservative state legislators stand ready to support the men and women of our Texas National Guard with whatever they need to protect public safety, and we pray for their safety and success. Conservatives deeply appreciate Governor Rick Perry's deployment of the Texas National Guard to help address the ongoing border crisis.
  • Following Governor Rick Perry's announcement of a National Guard deployment, Representative Geanie Morrison issued this statement of support. The statement notes that members support our troops and will work to provide the resources necessary to see this operation to a successful conclusion.
  • This letter asks members of the Texas Congressional delegation to reimburse Texas for our state's border security law enforcement surge. Texas has borne the brunt of the recent wave of people crossing the border illegally, and we have already authorized decisive action - a border security law enforcement surge effort. Reimbursing Texas for our ongoing and extraordinary border security efforts is sensible, prudent, and just. These are costs that the federal government should bear. 
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