Conservative Accomplishments

of the

86th Legislature

With leadership from Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and Speaker Dennis Bonnen, conservatives in the Texas Legislature recently concluded a successful legislative session in which a great number of key conservative reforms were enacted. As the largest non-partisan caucus in the Texas Legislature, the Texas Conservative Coalition (TCC) played a central role in these accomplishments. 

The Property Tax Reform and Transparency Act of 2019 

School Finance Reform and Property Tax Relief

Constitutional Prohibition on a State Income Tax

Prohibiting Red Light Cameras

Protecting the Free Exercise of Religion from Government Discrimination

Protecting Freedom of Speech on College Campuses

Protecting the Lives of Aborted Children Born Alive

Banning Local Governments from Subsidizing Abortion Providers Like Planned Parenthood

Prohibiting “Surprise” Medical Billing

Prohibiting Organized Labor Requirements in Government-Funded Projects

In addition to passing conservative priorities, one of the most important responsibilities of conservatives in the Texas Legislature is to oppose legislation that violates TCC’s LIFT principles (Limited Government, Individual Liberty, Free Enterprise, and Traditional Values). 


The number of bills TCC opposed on the floor of the House of Representatives.


The number of bills TCC defeated either on the House floor, the Senate, or by Governor Abbott's veto pen.